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Discover new data. Geospatial data discovery, simplified.

The Spatial Scale Explorer Discover module allows you to search, subset, and ingest various types of location based data sources for down stream analysis, data fusion, and visualization. Many of the data sources are updated repeatedly over time, with data items overlapping geographically.


Additionally, the Discover module is a great tool for casual browsing to get more familiar with datasets, their spatiotemporal range, and to understand what types of data are available for various geographies.

Selecting datasets

Available datasets can be selected via dropdowns that provide groupings by data/artifact type, name, and derivative product. Currently, only Lidar point cloud and GeoTiff format raster assets are available, but support for additional formats is planned.

Working with results

Finding and ingesting data is likely only the first step in your data analysis journey. Upon completion of the ingest process a new dataset will be available for use in analytical jobs and visualization via the Explore module.

Here's an example of NAIP photography and Point Clouds obtained via the Discover module fused into a True Color 3D representation of UT Austin via Spatial Scale Explorer.


Coming soon

We’re constantly adding improvements to the Spatial Scale Explorer. Upcoming features include:

  • Preview/visualization of data sources within the Discover module

  • Enhanced temporal queries

  • Layer comparison features

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