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GeoAI at scale, simplified.

The Spatial Scale geospatial cloud platform was designed to help you easily discover, inventory, store, and analyze location based data at cloud scale.

Built with you in mind

Data Management

Spatial Scale is backed by cloud storage solutions. No longer are you limited by finite capacity or infrastructure constraints

Powerful Compute

Analysis is backed by best in class compute resources provided by AWS. Save time, reduce costs, and focus resources on what matters most.

Full SAAS Support

Spatial Scale makes customization of your geospatial workflows easier than ever before. You get all the tools to make your analytical process building a breeze.

A complete Geospatial solution

Spatial Scale was purpose built by GIS Professionals and Cloud Engineers to make cloud-native etl, training, and inference workflows more accessible to GIS Practitioners, SaaS providers, and the digital enterprise.


A suite of tools at your disposal


Data Discovery

Spatial Scale is constantly adding open and commercial data to the platform. Quickly locate and integrate cloud sourced earth observation data. Types of geospatial datasets include satellite and aerial photos, point clouds, and weather data.

3D Visualization

Spatial Scale relies on state-of-the-art visualization engines capable of displaying point clouds, raster, vector, and other data sources in full resolution. The browser-based application allows continuous zooming and seamless changing of detail levels.


Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Combine sensor data  from disparate sources to create new models and data products for visualization or advanced analytics. 

Point Cloud Classification

Leverage State of the art AI/ML semantic segmentation models at cloud scale to perform complex 3D data analysis and render classified data in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional manual methods.

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We build our solutions using a microservices-led architecture, enabling rapid development and deployment.

"SpatialScale made it easy to rank, classify, and visualize motorcycle incidents across Texas. This is amazing!"
Gabriel Cavazos, Chief Executive Officer, Wrexx

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