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Our Services

We provide an array of services coupled with high quality data acquired from the best sources.

We strive to automate intensive analysis to reveal information that is not so easily apparent and create intelligent business solutions, specifically customized for you. From making sense of data to the architecture and implementation of enterprise-wide GIS platforms, we help you make smart data-driven decisions, giving your business that spatial edge.

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Software Engineering

Our team of highly-skilled GIS developers customizes each application so that it can meet your unique organizational needs and integrate with your existing systems.

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud Architects and Engineers can help you rapidly design, field, and deploy solutions to the public cloud of your choice using our reference architectures or something more custom to fit your needs.


Spatio-temporal Analysis

Spatial Scale is here to help you uncover insights in your geospatial data. It doesn't matter if  you need traditional geospatial analytics or state-of -the-art artificial intelligence, we've got you covered.      

Open Source GIS Training

We offer professional custom open source GIS training, online and in-person.

Example courses include...

  • Introduction to GIS with QGIS
  • Spatial Data Analysis with Python and QGIS
  • Open GIS and the Cloud: How They Work Together

Talk to us about:

  • Custom software development and solutions
  • Setting up systems, databases, and workflows
  • LiDAR Services: UAV / Airborne LiDAR data processing, Drone LiDAR data processing, Mobile LiDAR data processing, and Terrestrial LiDAR data processing.
  • Photogrammetric Services: Aerial Triangulation, DTM / Planimetric Data Extraction, 3D City Modelling, Ortho-rectification.
  • GIS Services: GIS Data Conversion, Geo-Database Design, GIS/Land Information System, GIS Application Development, Web-Based GIS, Custom Applications. 
  • Support & training for open geospatial applications and software, including QGIS and PostGIS
  • Migrating from ESRI to open source GIS
  • Using data from OpenStreetMap: the free, editable map of the world, with millions of roads, buildings, POIs, and more

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