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Spatial Scale June 2022 (version 0.9.0)

Spatial Scale v0.9.0 is now available. 

Q2 2022 has been an incredibly busy quarter. This go around, we've focused on expanding our mapping tools to make visualization and analysis of 3D Scenes a little bit easier.

Highlights include: 

  • Compare / Split Screen mode with Cesium 3D Tiles - The compare tool, splits the map in 2 sections for comparing the same dataset at different times (e.g. satellite images) or place different datasets on each side of the screen. When active, the tool is highlighted and splits the screen in "left" and "right" sections. It can be activated either from the Tools navigation menu or directly at the dataset in the workbench. This functionally has been extended to include 3D Tiles.
    compare 3D Tiles
  • 3D Model Clipping Box - Define a user controllable clipping box used to hide or show sections of a 3D model. Toggle Clip direction options to choose whether to clip the model inside or outside of the box. When this value is "outside", everything outside the box is clipped and when the value is "inside", everything inside the box is clipped. Default value is "inside".
    3D Model Clipping
  • Markup tools - Markups are used to manually add areas of interest to your map, which can then be saved as a part of your scene and/or downloaded.
  • Vector Styling - Markups and other vector data sources can now have custom styles applied.
    vector styling

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